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Our corporate accounting services can include:

Tax Planning

We want to help our clients set up their affairs for the future. Tax planning can help ensure that you do not pay more than you should when you're looking at estate planning to selling your business. This is just one way we like working with you to ensure you're maximizing your tax deductions without missing any opportunities that lie ahead.

Audits & Reviews

Need an audit or a review? We provide these to your small to medium sized private corporation located in British Columbia only. These also include Trust Audits if they are required by the Real Estate Council of BC, Law Society of BC and more.

Business Consulting

As a value-added service to our current clients, we are able to provide business consulting if we see ways to improve efficiency in your operations. This service can be helpful if you’re looking to expand, start a new business, or simply get out of any slump you may be seeing.

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